Operating rules – Love Camp / Love Village

  1. Opening hours LOVE CAMP/LOVE VILLAGE/TENT VILLAGE – all campsites will be open from Tuesday July 2nd from 3pm. LOVE CAMP/LOVE VILLAGE/TENT VILLAGE will close on Sunday July 7th 2024 at 12 pm.
  2. Directions and access to the festival, directions to campsites and entrances to the tent village are marked on maps at www.b4l.cz.
  3. Area of campsites and tent villages as well as the location of individual tents and safety corridors are determined and marked out by the campsite operator. All visitors are obliged to follow operator’s rules and directions. Areas of campsites and tent villages are open to visitors with appropriate access only.
  4. Visitors need to buy a ticket designated to a given camp to be let in.
  5. Access to the campsite will be given to visitors with appropriate identification bracelet ( hereinafter to be reffered to as IB) on their forearm only. Visitors are required to show their IB to the security guard at the entrance to the campsite without being asked.
  6. For safety reasons, the campsites are the only places within the festival grounds where visitors can camp or stay overnight. Any festival visitor with a valid ticket, which has been exchanged at a designated place for a valid IB authorizing access to the festival grounds and the campsite, may enter the campsites and use their services.
  7. There is a possibility to use a hygiene centre with mobile toilets and showers at campsites.
  8. The operator is not responsible for the safety of belongings in the campsite. For this reason, we recommend not to leave valuable items in the tents during absence and to secure the tent with a lock.
  9. Reservation of a tent site is not possible.
  10. Visitors are obliged to observe safety, hygiene and fire regulations at all times. There is a strict prohibition of starting or handling open fires, pyrotechnics or explosives. It is forbidden to use an open flame cookers (including electric grills) and handle explosives including firecrackers. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the campsites. Smoking area is marked at the main entrances to the campsites. Campsite visitors are also obliged to observe the night-time regulations so as to avoid disturbing their immediate surroundings (reproduction of music from own audio devices, etc.). Motor vehicles are not allowed to be driven into campsites.
  11. First aid is provided at the festival and in campsites by a fully professional staff. First aid tent with medical staff is also available at the festival. The location of the tent is marked on the map of the festival area. In case of an accident, we recommend contacting the operator, who will arrange for first aid.
  12. The use of narcotic and psychotropic substances is explicitly prohibited within campsites. Violation of this prohibition entitles the operator to immediately terminate camping services without compensation. Operating regulations of the Love Camp/Love Village/Tent Inn Village are subject to the same sanctioning measures as the rest of the festival. Visitors to Love Camp/Love Village/Tent Inn Village are responsible for any damage caused.
  13. It is allowed to bring your own food and drinks to all campsites

The camp operator is Festivalia s.r.o.